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  Ring Hammer Crusher suppliers
Napisane przez: momu299 - 16-11-2018, 04:29 AM - Forum: Offtopic - Brak odpowiedzi

Liaoning EO Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.
Liaoning EO Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. is a wholly state-owned company reshuffled and established on the basis of Liaoning EO Heavy Machinery Group Co., Ltd. and Shenyang Mining Machinery Group Co., Ltd. In 2007, EO merged NFM Technologies in France and became an international enterprise. In 2009, EO became one of the top 500 Chinese enterprises, ranking among the top three in Chinese heavy machinery industry.

EO’s factory is located in Shenyang Economic & Technological Development Zone,covering an area about 1.01 million m2, more than 10,000 employees. The main products are tunnel engineering, power, building material, metallurgy, mining, port, environmental protection, forging, fracturing equipment, coal machinery and transmission machinery, totally about 500 types and 7,000 models.

EO has complete facilities for design, test, inspection and measurement, complete R&D and manufacturing system. EO owns about 200 patents and proprietary technologies, about 200 pieces (sets) of new products which have filled up the gap of China industries, 111 products or technologies which have obtained the technical progress rewards at various national levels. Our company is a national level high-tech enterprise, with two national level technical centers, one national level key laboratory, one engineering design institute, thirteen professional product design departments and three technology research departments. EO is equipped with about 5,000 sets of various large machining equipment, some products are exported to more than 90 countries and regions worldwide.

EO has obtained four integration authentications, that is, ISO9001 Certificate of Conformity of Quality Management System, ISO14001 Certificate of Environment Management System, GB/T28001 Certificate of Occupational Health and Safety Management System and ISO10012 Certificate of Measurement Management System.

Guided by the scientific development view, EO implements three strategies (Independent innovation strategy, Internationalizing development strategy and Talent thriving enterprise strategy), four structural adjustments (Product structural adjustment, Market structural adjustment, Organization flow structural adjustment and Human resource structural adjustment), and promotes two transformations (Market status transformation and Service scope transformation), four upgrades (Technology upgrade, Market upgrade, Management upgrade and Talent upgrade). EO takes grand key equipment manufacturing, high-end complete service as the major direction; strives to build up an international famous company with core competitiveness.

                  Ring Hammer Crusher suppliers

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  Christmas Red Wine Bottle Cover Decoration distributor
Napisane przez: momu299 - 16-11-2018, 04:24 AM - Forum: Offtopic - Brak odpowiedzi

EO Chrismas Co., Ltd. is the leading christmas product manufacturer since 2002 in China. We have 3 factories and more than 600 emploees. Our product included Chirstmas tree, Chirstmas lights, Chirstmas decorations, Christmas clothes and so on.

"Client oriented, professional, efficient"

This is our company culture for cooperate clients all over the world. We delicate to help clients all over the world to enjoy a one-stop happy shopping with us. We summary this 3 gold words of our normal work. We need to know client needs well, serve our client with professional attitude and knowledge of this field, get the correct answer and reply our clients as soon as possible. With this work method, we have build good relations fast with clients all over the world, especially in Europe, South America,Korea and so on.
We also care for every employee's healthy, so we offer good work atmosphere even fitness room to keep their good healthy in work.

Cooperated Clients Picture
The following is our client feedback pictures with our product from North America, Korea, Japan,
And German. Plz take it as your reference.

Our Service
1. We offer ODM and OEM service for clients all over the world.
2. We can ship fast from 5-35 days by sea, air or fast Express as you want.
3. we can offer the good quality and competitive price product.
4. we can offer free sample if necessary.
5. we welcome for your coming to check the factory

If you need any Christmas product, come to find EO Christmas, then you will enjoy your shopping with us.

                      Christmas Red Wine Bottle Cover Decoration distributor

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  Aluminum Windows manufacturers
Napisane przez: momu299 - 16-11-2018, 04:18 AM - Forum: Offtopic - Brak odpowiedzi

Company Introduction
EO Aluminum (Aluminum Products Suppliers) is a privately run company that originated from its parent company of 2002 in Shenyang, Liaoning EO Technology Co., Ltd.
EO Aluminum Company has perfect rules and regulations, access to a number of authoritative certification and qualification certificates.

Product Introduction
We distribute all kinds of aluminum products from our main warehouse located in Shenyang, and from other warehouses in different cities in China to all over the world. We have a wealth of material resources and mature professional production technology.
For aluminum products we can produce aluminum raw materials: aluminum sheet/plate, aluminum bar/rod, aluminum tube/pipe, aluminum disc/circle, aluminum coil, aluminum foil, aluminum strip and so on. We can also produce aluminum profiles for building and industries and other fields. Such as aluminum windows and doors, aluminum heatsink, aluminum frame and so on.

Product Application
Aluminum is also theoretically 100% recyclable with no loss of its natural properties. It also takes 5% of the energy to recycle scrap aluminum then what is used to produce new aluminum. The most common uses of aluminum:
Aluminum is used in transportation because of its unbeatable strength to weight ratio. Its lighter weight means that less force is required to move the vehicle, leading to greater fuel efficiency. In aerospace, automotive, marine fields aluminum has very important use.
Buildings made with aluminum are virtually maintenance free due to aluminum’s resistance to corrosion.
Although it has just 63% of the electrical conductivity of copper, aluminum’s low density makes it the best option for long distance power lines.
Consumer Goods
Smartphones, tablets, laptops, and flat screen TVs are being made with an increasing amount of aluminum. Its appearance makes modern tech gadgets look sleek and sophisticated while being light and durable.

Transportation Service
Aluminum profile in the transport process must be handled lightly, prevent bump caused by surface injury, affect the appearance of the surface. EO Aluminum has many marine air transport Logistics partners, can make the goods safe and fast arrival destination, professional technical guidance and product services, to ensure that customers’ satisfaction, let cooperation upgrade.

     Aluminum Windows manufacturers

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  buy New LED Strip
Napisane przez: usou7v - 09-11-2018, 03:55 AM - Forum: Dyskusja ogólna - Odpowiedzi (1)

2216 strip is small but powerful. It is perfect to replace 3528 in some applications. The size of 2216 is only 2.2mm*1.6mm, while 3528 is 3.5mm*2.8mm. Thanks to the compact dimension, 2216 led strips can be only very slim, only 4mm wide of PCB. It helps you to install the strip in a very narrow place. Besides, it can be much denser than the normal 3528, so with the same aluminum profile and cover, the 2216 strip creates a more uniform and more even light output.

Though 2216 is smaller, it has better heat sink than 3528 and 5050. The rear side of the 2216 SMD diode uses heat dissipation pad, then it is faster and easier for the led strip to dissipate the heat to the aluminum profile.
Photo: 4mm ultra slim 2216 LED strip

LEDs work on constant current and voltage, so a tiny change in voltage can affect a big change in current. If the applied voltage exceeds the LED forward voltage drop by a small amount, the current rating may exceed a significant amount and may damage or destroy the LED. A typical solution is to use a constant current source to keep the current below the LED maximum current rating. Therefore, led tape lights contain resistors on the flexible printed circuit to limit the current.

LED performance depends largely on the operating environment's ambient temperature or thermal management performance. Overdriving the LED at high ambient temperatures can cause the LED package to overheat, eventually causing the device to malfunction. You need enough heat sink to maintain a long service life.

Standard lighting
Task lighting
Fluorescent and halogen lighting fixture replacements
Indirect lighting applications
buy New LED Strip

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  Shenzhen Jingbang Hardware Electronic Co., Ltd
Napisane przez: cyylyy1 - 05-11-2018, 04:00 AM - Forum: Dyskusja ogólna - Odpowiedzi (2)

Shenzhen Jingbang Hardware Electronic Co., Ltd. was established 10 years ago. The main products: 3D printer parts,CNC plates(such as :v slot linear rail,slot v wheel,Customized CNC plates ,Aluminum spacer etc )with standard fasteners (such as the screws, bolts, nuts, washers and so on), non-standard fasteners, CNC machining parts, stamping parts, lathe parts, etc. The standard can be according to GB, DIN, ANSI, JIS, ISO, EN, JB, NFE and UNI standards.Jingbang have helped customers to design many new products and save cost. Product development can offer many business opportunities to customers. After so many years' development, now we have many different kinds of patented products.

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  Start serwera globalnego PTS.
Napisane przez: eRu_83 - 13-10-2018, 07:10 AM - Forum: Dyskusja ogólna - Odpowiedzi (5)

Jak w tytule, wystartował serwer globalny PTS,  na którym można sprawdzić co nasze konta zyskają po połączeniu serwerów EU i NA. Wczoraj dzięki pomocy niezastąpionego człowieka od zadań specjalnych w AW czyli "sebastora" przygotowałem się do "połączenia" konta EU i NA skutek jest taki, że po zalogowaniu się na globalny PTS, mam na koncie 137k gelda, free expa przybyło 400k, co do zielonych stan się nie zmienił jest taki jaki był na EU, ilość pojazdów premium się zgadza, w inwentarzu też jestem na PLUS, a więc działajcie, wrzucajcie screeny, pokażcie ile Wam AW odpaliło "sianka"...

Serwer EU:

[Obrazek: EJ5Zct7.jpg]

Serwer globalny PTS:

[Obrazek: b0qZmCZ.jpg]

Dodam jeszcze tylko, że praktycznie każdy gracz może skorzystać na obecnym stanie rzeczy, dla przykładu powiem, że mój syn w AW zainwestował 50 zł, przez 3 lata istnienia konta i po zalogowaniu się na serwer globalny dostał 19k golda.

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  sprzęt do treningu
Napisane przez: Brandon77 - 23-09-2018, 08:54 AM - Forum: Dyskusja ogólna - Odpowiedzi (5)

   http://www.athleticbody.pl/dobre-narty-s...-allround/  dzięki logowi będziesz już wiedział. Opisuje on który sprzęt  kupić do swojej domowej siłowni. Jest tam mnóstwo wskazówek na co powinniśmy zwracać uwagę przy takim kupnie. Ciekawą rzeczą jest również to  że są tam informacje jak konserwować ten sprzęt i jak na nim ćwiczyć. Przydatna wiedza dla wielu.

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Napisane przez: julian33 - 07-08-2018, 01:47 PM - Forum: Dyskusja ogólna - Odpowiedzi (3)

Czy ktoś z was kupował coś w sklepie https://flek.pl/ ?

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Napisane przez: domink55 - 02-08-2018, 09:52 AM - Forum: Dyskusja ogólna - Odpowiedzi (3)

Czy ktoś z państwa inwestuję w :
Polecaj fundico znajomym.
otrzymasz 100 zł za polecenie znajomego, który zarejestruje się na http://www.fundico.eu;
znajomy otrzyma 100 zł za rejestrację;
otrzymasz 1% wartości inwestycji znajomego i jego znajomych.

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  World of Tanks PS4
Napisane przez: MaszynyPancerneYT - 30-07-2018, 01:31 PM - Forum: Inne gry - Odpowiedzi (7)

Witam serdecznie, czy ktoś z użytkowników pocina w WOTa na PS4?

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